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Rap Snacks 71g


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The Rap Snacks brand represents culture, quality, and community – it's the promise of fun and flavour in every bag. Bold tasty flavours with gourmet seasoning and an authentic taste. The official snack of hip hop.

Please Note: These are shipped from the USA and crisps have a short best-before date (BBD). These are Best before: Rick Ross Sweet Chilli Lemon Pepper 29/02/2024, Migos Sour cream with a dab of ranch 20/03/2024, Money Bragg Yo  Heat vs Hot  20/03/2024, Lil Baby All In 22/03/2023, Rick Ross Rozay Cheddar 10/03/2024, Boozie Louisiana Heat 18/03/2024, Snoop Dogg OMG BBQ 21/02/2024, Romeo Miller BBQ with my honey 13/02/2023, They are still crunchy and flavoursome