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Fruit Sticks
From $4.50
sour fruits, mayceys lollies, nz lollies, sour lollies
Sour Fruits
From $7.99
spearmint leaves, spearmint lollies, nz lollies, green lollies
Giant Toasties, Rainbow Giant Toastie Bar
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Rainbow Bars
From $5.50
Fruits and Cream Lollies, Fruit & Cream, lollies, NZ Lollies, NZ Made, LollyShop
tangy sticks, kiwi lollies, nz lollies
Tangy Sticks
From $7.99
Jersey caramels, nz lollies, caramel lollies, fudge
Spaceman Candy Stick, Spaceman Candy
Spaceman Candy
From $1.30
Toffee Milk
From $8.99
fizzies, nz lollies, fizzy lollies, hard lollies
From $4.50
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Aniseed Wheels
From $5.50
hokey pokey, chocolate hokey pokey, chocolate, honeycomb
Cough Tablets, Cough Lollies, Old Fashioned Cough Tablets,
blackballs, hard boiled, old fashioned, nz lollies
Lollipops, Handmade Lollipops, Old English Lollipops
coconut ice, manufacturers clearance, seconds lollies, nz lollies
Big Fish, Rainbow, Giant Chocolate Fish, Raspberry Chocolate Fish, Choc Fish, Chocolate Fish
Granny Mints, Mints, Old Fashioned Mint
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