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mini, gift box, treat, candies, lollyshop
Cadbury Chocolate, Curly Wurly, Cadbury Curly Wurly
Curly Wurly
From $1.20
hokey pokey, chocolate hokey pokey, chocolate, honeycomb
deluxe lolly scramble, lolly scramble, wrapped lollies,  nz lollies
Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange, Terry's Dark Chocolate Orange, Terry's Chocolate Orange, Choc Orange
chocolate raisins, chocolate covered, raisins, chocolate, nz lollies
Horror Mix
From $3.99
eclairs, chocolate eclairs, wrapped, lollyshop, lollies
Sold Out
Sold Out
Hershey Kisses. Hershey Cookies n Cream, Hershey, Cookies & Cream
medium hearts, red, gold, silver, foiled hearts
Chocolate Almonds, Choc Almonds, Christmas Chocolate, LollyShop, Lollies
Sold Out
wrapped mints, mints, complimints, rainbow mints
Mints Wrapped
From $8.50
chocolate fudge, fudge, nz lollies, fudges, chocolate
Sold Out
Sour Party Mix, Party Mix, Sour, Terrific Candy
Sold Out
jelly beans, promo to go, business, lollies, lollyshop
Chocolate Ginger, Chocolate, ginger, ginger lollies, chocolate covered
Jelly Beans, Multicolour Jelly Beans, multicolour
Halloween Pops
From $6.25
star candy, rainbow stars, sour candy, sour star candy
licorice, allsorts, business, lollies, lollyshop