Mrs Freshley's Cookies n Creme Cakes 99g


Cookies & Creme inspired cakes filled with chocolate creme made with real Hersheys cocoa. A popular american treat

Ingredients: Cake Flour, Bulk Water Granulated Sugar, Bulk Corn Syrup 62 DE Sans Trans IQ Shortening MB Whole Powdered Eggs Glycerin Vita Ex W Egg Replacer HERSHEY'S NATURAL COCOA Vanlite 030 Emulsifier Whey Powder CORN SYRUP 50/50 BLEND - BULK MAIN Caramel Color Ebony Cocoa Salt MM 2320 IC Chocolate Flavor Sodium Propionate Baking Soda Sorbic Acid Baking Powder Artificial Vanilla Xanthan Gum Vanillin Replacement, Sans Trans IQ MB CORN SYRUP 50/50 BLEND - BULK MAIN Water Powdered Sugar, Bulk Whey Powder Sorbic Acid CFS Stabilizer HERSHEY'S NATURAL COCOA Dextrose MCCORMICK CREAM FLAVOR, Regal 112 Fat Flakes MB Natural Cocoa Powdered Sugar Vanillin Replacer Salt

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