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Bazooka Rattlerz Fruity


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Bazooka Rattlerz Fruity are tasty fruit flavoured chewy sweets. A crispy, sugar-coated shell and a delicious chewy centre that is bursting with flavour!

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose Syrup, vegetable fat (plam), acidity regulators (citric acid,malic acid, sodium citrate), stabilizers of vegetable origin((gum arabic sorbitol ( 8.7g),modified cornstarch,emulsifiers of vegetable, origin (glycerine monostearate, sunflower lecithin), arifical flavourings(lemon,raspberry, strawberry, apple, orange), dextrin, maltodextrin, colours(E171, E163,E160,E120, E133),glazing agents(microcrystalline wax, camauba wax).